Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Jonathan King Hate campaign!

WTF This is the video, one of many, of a child multiple sex offender, who continues to make his life so great by thinking that he must somehow be Innocent! He was convicted in the Crown Court, on a string of sex offences against young boys.
Even though these offences happened in the 60s and 70s, he still maintains that " everybody was doing it" And is adamant that his victims were loving it. There is NO reason to think that a man who maintains his innocence, when many of his victims have committed suicide, or turned to drink, that he has any remorse for what he did. Whilst he maintains his Innocence, his victims still have to carry a life sentence of guilt by association to this fine upstanding man, as he calls himself. You decide, history has already done it. Your victims just want closure, by admitting to abusing them, instead of their cases lying on file. Here is one of his many aliases. It takes a Man to admit to Guilt!

Author: JKUnspun
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